The New RST 1, 


Our RST1 set has evolved from the time we designed and sold the first series, 

availability of parts and the drive to achieve the best technical  structural and optical solution resulted in a new and smaller Set.


This is our "basic" set,  if you have NO brakebooster and NO airbeam this is the set for you!

The mechanical parts are "off-shelf" items wich keeps the price lower than the tailor made bits,

Steers Right Light and Tight.


Has 4 rotations from left to right and can widen the steering radius in some cases.


Is 100% bolt on!!

No chassis modification needed!!

Works with raised chassis/steeringbox .

comes with wireless horn set. 


€uro = 2095,- incl.Btw (Vat)

GBP  = 1485,- excl.VAT. (outside EU)

U$D   = 1870,-  excl.Tax. (outside EU)


E.mail us at for a shipping quote.